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Gary Thompson
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Brendan Granger

First and foremost, we’re friends, since the age of 4. We’ve walked to school together, we’ve driven to work together, and we’ve flown around the world together. In fact, it was when we were spending some time in L.A. (Hollywood to be exact!) that we made the decision to start making films together. Up until then, we had dabbled with writing feature film scripts, but it was a chance encounter with a film producer that inspired us to follow our passion for filmmaking.

We laugh a lot, sometimes uncontrollably, and we can usually be seen with a smile on our faces. We’ve managed to develop the perfect blend of professionalism and fun and we’re lucky enough to work with couples who appreciate that too.

We’re obsessive planners but we’re also very laid back – we know how much stress is involved in planning a wedding. We promise not to add to that.

We love telling meaningful stories because they have the power to move people and make them feel. Whether it’s re-living the memories of their own wedding day or shedding a tear over a complete stranger’s wedding film. We’re inspired by the people we meet and we’re always honoured to be entrusted with telling their story.