August 2, 2016

Wedding videos: USB vs DVD


Wedding Video: USB vs DVD

Technology seems to move at a frightening pace sometimes but DVDs have proven to be tough to beat. Somehow they’ve survived as the main medium for delivering wedding videos for over 10 years now, which in “tech years” is the equivalent of a century! You could argue that the humble DVD has successfully fought off it’s HD counterpart, the Blu-ray disc, as adoption rates for Blu-ray have been relatively low. This was the main reason we decided not to invest in supporting Blu-ray as a way of delivering our wedding films, as very few of our brides and grooms own a Blu-ray player.


The future is here

Okay, that subtitle may be a little overly dramatic but it does seem as though the DVD has finally met its match. With the rise of online streaming and digital downloads, we’ve made the decision to start delivering our wedding films as digital HD video files on USB flash drives as standard.


Three advantages of USB over DVD

1) The image and sound quality is better – delivering digital video files on a USB flash drive means you can enjoy your film in full HD as it was originally intended (as opposed to standard definition on DVD).

2) Your memories are future-proofed – eventually DVD players will go the way of old VHS players and will probably only be found at car boot sales and in the murky depths of charity shops. Having the digital files on a USB flash drive means you can watch your wedding video on your SMART TV and your computer, enabling your wedding video to keep up with changes in technology.

3) You can make backup copies – with your USB flash drive, you can backup up the digital video files to your computer and external hard drive etc. In fact, we encourage it to make sure your memories are kept safe and don’t get lost/deleted!


How will you watch your wedding video in 10 years time?

So, when you’re looking for a wedding videographer, it might be worth considering how your wedding video will be delivered. Although DVDs are still OK at the moment, it might be worth thinking ahead to whether you will still own a DVD player in another 5 or 10 years time. If you’ve been smart enough to invest in an awesome wedding film 😉  you will definitely want to be able to watch your video in 10 years time!

A big thank you must go out to USB Memory Direct for providing us with some of our new branded USB flash drives and for the awesome customer service they’ve provided!

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